AFR Rule Book

AFR Rule Book

Membership. $25 Annual Membership Fee. One card per member.  Only Members are eligible for Year-End Awards

Age Divisions: Members compete in the same age division all year. Divisions based on age as of November 1 for incoming season. If under 18, must have parent/guardian signature.

Pony/Buckaroo: Birth-6yrs, any size horse or Age 7 thru 10 on pony under 52” measured from ground to withers

Juniors:  Age 7 thru 14

Open: Anyone may compete in an Open Event.

Dress Code.  All contestants over age 6 MUST be in western attire:  hat/helmet, long sleeve shirt (tucked in), boots, & saddle. A 10 second/point penalty assessed for not competing in dress code.

Event Fees.  Youth Events, $7/event.

Open Events, $20/event.

Non-members pay additional fee $10 per day.

(Each Entry Fee = $5 Stock Charge & $2 Finals Fee)
Points & Ribbons. Membership must be paid before the event to accumulate points.

1-10 points awarded with 1st=10 pts, 10th=1 pt. Judges decision determines all places.

Youth Events:  Ribbons given to 1st thru 4th places.

Payout for Open Events. Pays 1 place per 5 entries up to 20 entries.  Exceptions: Open Barrels will payout in a 4D format based on number of entries; Team Roping will pay 6 places if over 50 Teams.

Weekend Average. One Award per Youth event to best average of 2 days time/score.  Must compete both days. Barrels:  Avg awarded on horse, not rider.

All contestants accept the arena conditions when they enter the gate.

ALL Open Events have a 60 second time limit.

Rough Stock Events: Bull & Bronc Riding contestants with 10+ points will draw for stock.

Bronc Riding (Bareback/Saddle/Ranch): All must ride for 8 seconds. RBR: Failure to fan or spur or use of night latch eliminates option for reride.

Mutton Bustin—6 years or under. May ride with 1 or 2 hands. Must ride for 6 seconds. Not required to spur. No re-rides.

Tie Down Roping.  Rope must go over the calf’s head. Catch as catch can.  If calf down,  must be daylighted. Calf must stay tied for 6 seconds.

Breakaway.  Rope must go over the calves head. Catch as catch can.

Goat Tying*.  Can flank or leg the goat. Must tie 3 legs. Goat must stayed tied for 6 seconds—time starts when contestant is 3 feet away from goat.

Goat Untying*—8 years and under. Lead-in or help dismount with 10 second penalty. Contestant must get ribbon and cross judges line.

*If goat comes loose from staked position a rerun will be issued. 10 second penalty if horse crosses or interferes with goat rope before dismount.

Barrel Racing.**  Must complete a clover leaf pattern, maintain forward motion, and without breaking the timer line. 5 second penalty per downed barrel. 10 second for lead-in.  May enter twice with different horse but only best time receives points.

Pole Bending.**  Must complete the pole pattern without breaking the timer line, maintain forward motion, and without passing a pole. 5 second penalty per downed pole. May enter twice with different horse but only best time receives points.

**If the timer malfunctions in barrels or poles and a rerun is given all penalties will stand.

Team Roping. Loop must be hand thrown. 10 second penalty assessed for breaking barrier. Stock will be chute run.  One heel catch is 5 second penalty. Cannot figure 8 head loop. If animal leaves playing field, “Lap and Tap” applies.  Open Division: May enter 5 Times. USTRC#5 or higher may enter twice with another #5 or higher, all other runs must be with #4 or less.  Pro-Am Division: May enter 5 times. USTRC#3 or below on one side.  #4 and up eligible for payout only. #3 and below eligible for payout and points toward year end awards. (This rule will be self-governed. Violation will result in immediate loss of points.)

Bull Riding.  Must not foul the bull.  Open—Must ride for 8 seconds with one hand. Junior—Must ride for 6 seconds with one or two hands.


Contestants eligible for AFR Finals must submit their Finals Application & Fees by the Finals Fees Deadline.  Finalists must enter both Rounds to receive awards. Finals Fees are doubled.  Date TBA.

All Youth Events and top Open contestants will receive an award. All events guaranteed Year-End Buckles. All Year-End Saddles provided by Saddle Sponsorships.

Points double at Year-End Finals.  Weekend Average Winners will receive points with 1st Place = 10 pts, 10th Place = 1 pt.

A Finalist must compete in at least 20% of the total rodeos in that event to compete for the Weekend Average prize at Finals.  Both Header & Heeler must be eligible for Weekend Average.

All Around Cowboy/Cowgirl. A contestant must accumulate at least 200 points in 2 events.  All Around is determined prior to finals and based on accumulated points in ALL events.

Remember to check regularly for news and announcements.

All contestants compete at their own risk. Rand Rodeo Co. or any of its employees will not be held responsible for accidents, not liable for injury result from inherent risks of an equine or livestock activity.  AR ST §16-120-201—202


Negative Coggins Required for ALL Horses